Monday, 15 March 2010


In 2006 we took on 4 ex battery hens, they were rehomed by
who did an excellent job in coordinating the rescue, rehoming etc.
The 4 hens were in a sorry state when they arrived but quicky adapted to their new lives.
Sadly some didn't enjoy their new found freedom for very long, we lost the first after only 6 months, the second after a year and the 3rd after 18 months. But Hetty who was always in charge went on to thrive for a good few years.
Sadly we found her dead in the hen house this morning, she hadn't shown any outward signs of failing so it was a bit of a shock.
We'll miss her.


Kateri said...

I'm so sorry you lost her. But I am grateful you gave her and the other three hens a happy end to their lives. No chicken should have to go through what a battery hen goes through.

Chicken Boys said...

Sorry to hear that. I wonder if they had contracted some sort of illness?