Friday, 11 December 2009

Nankin, Nankin, Nankin

Okay so the Nankin Bantam arrived and was introduced to the Seebright.....
and for once two chickens meeting for the very first time got on at once.
Sorry no pics at the moment I seem to have squashed the connector on the camera / computer cable ....
Pics will follow one day soon.
Oh and they now have names - Nutmeg & Mace.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Nankin Bantam

Gosh can't believe that I didn't post here during the whole of November.

So much for The Chicken "Daily" more like The Chicken Once-in-a-while!

Well the latest news from the Renaissance flock is that we've been offered a Nankin hen to keep our little Seebright Hen company.

Same story as our Seebright really, only one survivor from a clutch of eggs and noone to keep her company so hopefully she'll be coming to us soon.

I'll keep you posted....

really I will!