Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ruling the roost

So as regular readers will know all these little chicks made it to maturity but only one survived the severe winter and what did it turn out to be?

You've guessed it a cockerel!

And one that really likes the sound of his own voice.

Yesterday we moved him to the orchard, to a large chicken house with run and lots of hens.

Unfortunately the large chicken house and run is also temporary home to a trio of fancy fowl, I forget what type, and what was the first thing our youngster did?

Why he went and picked a fight with the other cockerel...

Fortunately no harm was done this time.


Chicken Boys said...

They will fight with each other. Keep an eye on them. They may be okay, but John, one of your followers, had two cockrels fight and get bloodied up.

Re said...

Thanks for the advice Randy, fortunately the other cockerel and his ladies are due to be moved in a day or two. Their owner wants to sell their eggs for hatching.