Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter (& a weekly roundup)

It's been a busy week getting ready for the Easter hols at Renaissance HQ

with little being uploaded to the website

It didn't start well with the news of Elspeth Thompson's death, so sad.

But we've had a reminder of new life with our quail starting to lay again, very seasonal.

And Marmee the photograph of quail eggs is just for you.

We went all Eastery over at Renaissance Childrens Notebook with Easter Gift Bags,

Flowering Bulbs for Easter and How to Make an Easter Chick.

And all wistful over at Renaissance Vintage Notebook with a sort of if we had a real bricks & mortar shop we'd stock:

Flowers in vintage containers & Crochet Blankets, Bags & Cushions.

And now of course it's April ,we had to mark April Fool's Day with a little joke or two,

and Easter is upon us.

We'll be spending it together, the whole family is home this weekend, bliss.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter.


marmee said...

we are looking forward to a nice warm easter...first one in a long time. hope you and your whole family enjoy the holiday together.
thank you for the beautiful photogaph of the quail eggs...they are lovely.
also thank you for the love link!
i read about your friend, elspeth thompson. she led a very inspirational life and it is truly a heart goes out to her family.

you have included so many things to think about for easter...thanks.
happy springtime.

John Gray said...

can you post some more photos on your quail and some details about them....they look lovely!!!