Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Catch up

Still no photograph of the Nankin Bantam, sorry, weather stopped play.
The snow, ice and freezing weather has proved fatal to some of our little flock,
very sadly the younger members just couldn't take it and we are left with only
one survivor out of the five. The older hens were fine including our resident
OAP ex battery.
Surprisingly the Seebright didn't seem at all concerned by the weather and is still
living happily with her Nankin friend.
The above photograph is from last year, I've actually just spent a few days sifting
through 2009's photographs and posted them over on the
Do pop over and take a look when you have a minute, if you do you'll find my Christmas present from my family - her name is Maddie.

Wishing you all a lovely 2010.


John Gray said...

sorry about your loses
two of my old girls died last night...
but very young hens often hate the very cold....I know

chin up

Cottage Garden said...

So sorry you lost some of your little flock. It's been so bitterly cold - hope we have turned a corner now.

Jeanne x