Friday, 25 September 2009


It's not been a good week for the "Little -Uns" here in the Renaissance garden.
First their was the incident with the rat and now we have injury.
Probably as a direct result of the forementioned incident stressing the birds.
Two of the little Barred Rocks have had their heads badly pecked.
They will be okay but we've had to seperate them from the others for their own safety.
Don't know who the culprit was but I'm hoping we've seen an end to it as things calm down again.


Judy @ daily yarns said...

Poor babies!

Kateri said...

Chickens can be so mean to each other. Stress make it worse, that is for sure. Glad they will be okay. I really don't have any peckers in my little flock.

Sara said...

Poor chooks! It's a darker side of hens that I hate to see. One of my ex-batts was injured quite badly by the rest. She's all mended now & is acepted fully into the flock:-D Hope yours heal quickly.

marmee said...

poor little things...stress is a killer. i am sure they will get better now that they have some alone time. let's hope so.

Cottage Garden said...

Poor 'little-uns' hope that nasty wound heals quickly.