Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Chickens' Love Pasta

Did you know that chickens' love pasta?
Well ours do and we like to give them some as an occasional treat.
You do have to be a bit careful though, because they can become so partial
to carbs that they won't want to eat their layers pellets and egg production
will go down. So it's a good idea to give each of them a handful of layers pellets
in the morning before serving treats.
Of course this doesn't apply to the chicks who will be on chick crumb.


Cottage Garden said...

I have heard this before ... must be sure to tell my chicken-keeping friends - isn't pasta versatile!!!

Elizabeth said...

The favorite dish of my parents' chickens is leftover pasta with meat sauce and cheese - and if it is leftover chicken meat, they like it even better, cannibalistic little beasts.

Don't forget sweetcorn cobs, if that's something you eat - that's a huge favorite here.

Autumn Belle said...

Oh, chickens eat pasta too. That's very interesting. Over here, our chickens eat rice too.