Sunday, 26 July 2009

Chicken Treats

Your chickens will love you forever if you give them the occasional foodie treat -
a favourite with our lot is sweetcorn, you can buy a large bag of the frozen stuff for around 60p.
Leave it to defrost and serve!


marmee said...

good to know. thanks.

beck said...

Oooh, my chooks say thankyou for this tip! I did have a phase of making them porridge last winter..they thought that was pretty fancy! Hey, thanks for popping in to my blog xo

Calico Kate said...

Oh love your chicken pix. I keep all of my food scraps and take it up to mum and dads and they put it on the compost bins in the chicken run, Chooks pick it over and break it all down. In exchange I get the eggs. Works brilliantly.

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